Large Ensemble

Talking If You Are Going To Talk (2019)soprano, SATB chorus, and large ensemble7'
Springlike (2019)string orchestra6'
Plastic Action (2018)orchestra and noise9’
The Living Form Contains Its Own History (2017)sinfonietta9'
State (2016)soloist, women’s choir, ensemble, electronics34'

Chamber & Vocal

Exi Vr II (2019)electric guitar, percussion6'
Half-Life Fragment (2019)baritone, piano4'
Kid Carbon (2018)flute, violin, mouth sounds5'
Exi Vr I (2018)violin, viola, electronics10'
Rhizosphere (2017)percussion duo, electronics13'
Future Humans (2016)violin, piano9'
Phenotype (2016)string quartet5'
Licorice Parikrama (2016)amplified keyboard instrument, conference call19'
Fun With Teeth (2015)saxophone, drum set5'
Captain Dorcus (2015)flute, guitar3'
Enantio (2015)percussion quartet7'
Holy Fool (2015)percussion quartet, electric bass13'
Three Etceteras (2014)flute, bassoon, piano7'
Gestures of a Snowy Egret (2014)violin, piano7'
Dust in the Bottomland (2013)bass voice, piano, electronics40’
Banal platitudes of life-or-death importance. (2013)bassoon, piano3’
For Alice (2012)string quartet21'


Songlike (2017)piano5'
Noise (2017)piano2-5’
Below This Line (2016)percussion with electronics7’
Cygnet (2015)bitKlavier3’
Circleville (2015)bitKlavier1’

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