Future Humans (2016)violin, piano9 min.Video
Below This Line (2016)perc. and elect. (one player)7 min.Recording
State (2016)female soloist, women's choir, 3 perc., piano, elect.35 min.Photos, recording, description, score preview.
Phenotype (2016)string quartet5 min.score preview, recording
Licorice Parikrama (2016)amplified keyboard instrument, conference call19 min.Excerpt 1 Exerpt 2
Fun With Teeth (2015)saxophone, drum set5 min.Video, Score Preview, Purchase from Murphy Music Press
Enantio (2015)percussion quartet (with electronics)7 min.Video, Score Preview
Cygnet & Circleville (2015)MIDI Keyboard with bitKlavier software4 min.Video, Purchase from Many Arrows Music
Holy Fool (2015)electric bass, percussion quartet13 min.Score Preview
Captain Dorcus (2015)flute, guitar3 min.Score Preview
Three Etceteras (2014)flute, bassoon, piano7 min.Score Preview
Dust in the Bottomland (2013)bass voice, piano, fixed media40 min.Recording on Bandcamp
For Alice (String Quartet No. 1) (2012)string quartet21 min.

To purchase pieces that do not have a publisher link, please contact me at nathaniel[dot]p[dot]may[at]gmail[dot]com.